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FON Intranet

Communication is the backbone of every company and organization, so why not provide a tool to your clients which maximizes correspondence within their business? With a personalized employee Intranet, your clients can effectively communicate with their employees utilizing our easy-to-use platform which allows administrators and managers to notify employees of important company information.

Each employee has their own user name and login to remain updated on the happenings within their company. Your clients can upload and share company documents or forms, alert employees to upcoming events and share news on an interactive company forum — all in one place.

The employee Intranet serves as an internal company communication platform. For a premium package which meets all your insurance-selling goals, the Intranet can be paired with FutureOffice Network (for Benefits & Commercial Lines).


   Time & Attendance

We now offer Time & Attendance as part of the FutureOffice Network comprehensive technology suite. Employers are afforded the opportunity to easily manage and review employee time, export reports for recordkeeping or to swiftly submit to their chosen payroll vendor.

Time & Attendance features a simple one-time data upload to get started and allows employers to customize their workweek, PTO benefits, and more. This new tool actively engages your clients and is available at no extra cost and is located within the FutureOffice Network employee Intranet.