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FutureOffice Network Benefits and Human Resources Broker Sales Technology Website Portal
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FutureOffice Network

FutureOffice Network Benefits and Human Resources Broker Sales Technology Website Portal

FON for Benefits & Human Resources


With nearly 100,000 insurance agencies and brokerages across the country, what sets you apart from the competition? Prospects and customers want professional insurance services that go above and beyond average expectations. Excellent customer service paired with an online document content library of employee benefits templates, H.R. templates, tools and educational information will position you as a front-runner in sales and customer satisfaction. Increase your insurance sales and secure client retention with FutureOffice Network, an H.R. and employee benefits marketing tool for insurance brokers.


   Increase Your Insurance Sales

FutureOffice Network for benefits & human resources provides insurance consultants and brokers with value-added marketing software, allowing you to stand out among the competition and increase customer satisfaction. Our online benefits resource center boosts your sales while also providing tools to streamline your clients' workflow.

   Foster Happy, Longstanding Clients

FON includes thousands of documents, including broker marketing materials, employer compliance tools and employee communications. We have focused our product around the philosophy of five core disciplines: employee benefits, employment law, human resources, compensation and employee communications. Our broker marketing technology turns software into a service, providing materials and answers to all of the questions you and your clients may have, keeping them compliant, happy — and most importantly — longstanding.

   Build and Strengthen Your Business

Become connected to partners who are dedicated to helping you and your clients navigate the complex and always changing world of employee benefits with ease. With FON, you increase insurance sales while also providing your customers with superior resources. We are dedicated to strengthening your existing partnerships as well as building new relationships to foster your company's growth.

Learn how pairing brokerage with FON can put you ahead of the competition. To view the premium FON suite which meets all your insurance-selling goals, see FON for Commercial Lines and Property & Casualty.