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FON Analytics Applications


You can't manage what you can't measure – the first step to saving money is finding out where it's being spent. Our analytics applications provide you with prompted questions to analyze company spending, injuries and other cost expenditures to identify, highlight and assess areas of improvement. Simply input data and use the resulting assessments to help you reduce workplace losses, cut company costs and effectively run your company. Our analytical products are great time-saving applications to go alongside your FutureOffice Network suite.


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OSHATracker is an easy to use tool that accurately lets you enter information into both your state's First Report of Injury and OSHA 300 log simultaneously. OSHATracker archives your data for the required five-year recordkeeping period, while allowing you to readily access and update your company's files for OSHA compliance.

If an OSHA or state representative comes knocking on your door, your company is prepared. Simply log on to your FutureOffice Network OSHATracker and with the click of one button, print all First Report of Injury, OSHA 300, 300A or 301 log records in the mandated timeframe. All of your employee injury and illness log information is displayed in a clean format, ready to provide to OSHA or your state. Learn more about how this tool simplifies the OSHA recordkeeping process by contacting us to request a demo!

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LossAnalyzer takes your workers' compensation, general liability and fleet loss information and analyzes the data to pinpoint problem areas. Its reports can help you determine appropriate action and management interventions to reduce future insurance costs.

That's not all – our online loss analysis tool can help you make better decisions to improve overall workplace health and safety by addressing reoccurring accidents and injuries. To discover more about LossAnalyzer and what it can do for your business, contact us today!

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MedAnalyzer helps you determine how much money you can save through plan design adjustments—before the change is made. Including three specific modules that help manage your plan design, MedAnalyzer gives you control to organize, assess and conceptualize the best option for your company. Discover what factors affect costs related to your plan design or how a new plan design would measure up. Make the most of your health plan designs with the MedAnalyzer suite of health care analytics.